Vanderslott, S. (Under contract – 2020). Attention and Responsibility in Global Health: The Currency of Neglect. Routledge.

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Doctoral thesis

Vanderslott, S. Neglect in policy problems: the case of ‘neglected tropical diseases’. (2017) Doctoral thesis. UCL (University College London). Available at:

Edited collections

Kirchhelle, C. Pollard, A. Vanderslott, S. (2019) ‘Making a Difference? The past, present, and future of typhoid control’ Clin Infect Dis. Volume 69, Issue Supplement_5, 1 November. S375-S411. doi:10.1093/cid/ciz551

Paul, KT. Vanderslott, S. Gross, M. (2020 forthcoming) Institutionalized Ignorance in Policy & Regulation. Special issue. Science as Culture.

Book review

Vanderslott S. Book review: Gareth Millward “Vaccinating Britain: Mass Vaccination and the Public since the Second World War.” Public Underst Sci. July 2019:096366251986072. doi:10.1177/0963662519860722

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Vanderslott, S. and Roser, M. (2013) Vaccination Page for ‘Our World in Data’ visualising long-term global development trends:

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